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NYC Food Tours

Why Our Choose Beyond the Plate Food Tours?

Food The Quality

Quality over quantity. We don’t throw you into a bunch of different locations. We minimize our locations down to 4-5 so you get a quality, not rushed experience.

Coffee Get Your Drink On

Did we mention drinks? An average public tour includes 2-3 drink pairings, an average private tour includes 3-4. All food and select drinks are included. We recommend you come hungry. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated as long as we know in advance.

Users Be Comfortable

Almost all tastings are sit-down and comfortable. We spend 30-35 minutes at each location, taking the time to enjoy our tastings.

Star Outline Industry Bests

There’s a lot on the menu with our private food tours! The whole experience is built into the quote, including all food and beverage offerings. Our tours are led by our expert foodie locals and you’ll meet and greet with the restaurants chefs and owners.


Beyond the Plate Food Tours is coming to NYC. The first food tour through NYC’s underground Turnstyle Market.

As we said before, we pride ourselves on giving you one on one time with our selected restaurant’s chefs and owners. We take a good hard look at what your group needs and then we specialize and curate everything from locations, menu items, drinks, and more. We’ll also play time keeper for you, gradually moving you along for each spot, but not felling rushed. Everything is customized food centric just for you!

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We love seeing all the amazing experiences our guests have on their tours.

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