Beyond the Plate Food Tours
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We curate food tours for groups of all sizes, from small team gatherings to company-wide events!

Work gatherings shouldn’t be a snooze, but they can cause food comas. Swap lunch a la desk for a family-style meal or cooking activity, and watch your team band together in culinary unity. Whether your company prefers a signature guided food tour, an interactive cooking experience, or an intimate dinner party, we’ll work with you to curate the perfect corporate event that will leave everyone saying, “That was the perfect corporate event. And I’m so full.”

P.S. No need to have Dan from Marketing keep the meeting minutes, but we’d love a nice Yelp review.

Every tour is designed with you and your team in mind!

Are you burned out when it comes to the typical corporate event and looking more for exciting and fresh ideas for team building exercises and outings in the Jersey City area? Just because something is high-end and filled with nice suits doesn’t mean you have to lose the energy of being a strong team.

The added benefits? We get together a range of sizes for food tours, curating only the best! Small team gatherings? Company-wide events? We have you squared away.

Forget spending time searching for specific places that hold specific events, we do it all. On top of that we specially craft a food tour just for you to make your team building activities even more memorable. We pride ourselves on being the popular kid at school because we’re friends with over 100 restaurants, breweries, and bars. We take those connections and craft you an experience curated to your team building activity goals. 

Our Corporate Tours Are Perfect For:

  • Corporate offsite events for groups of 10-200+
  • Convention offsite events
  • DMC Events Unforced Team-Building
  • Office Parties
  • Sales Team Incentive Prizes
  • Unforced Team-Building

From our specially catered food tours, the plethora of options we offer, private tour, or unique and fresh team building activities, we pride ourselves on giving you endless options!

Ready for a little “unforced team-building? Companies like these come to us (some, repeatedly!) for their corporate events!

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“Easy to set up, a great time for a big group”

“I was tasked to book an activity for our team while they were traveling. Alessia made it feel like I didn’t have to do anything. We had a short discussion about food preferences and dietary restrictions, and she just took it from there.

Unfortunately, I was not present, but I got tons of feedback from the team about how much fun and how engaging the tour was. One team member was local, and suggested a place for dessert and Alessia was able to incorporate it into the tour even though it was already set.

Would 100% recommend, heard only good things and have only good things to say!”

— Amazon, Experienced the Taste of Downtown Jersey City Food Tour

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