How does this work?

Your tour guide will meet you at the first location and will guide you through the whole experience, walking from stop to stop. All locations and menu items are curated in advance, so your only job is to show up, have a great time and enjoy all the food and drinks.

Feel free to watch our video about highlighting our amazing food walking tours!


Can anyone sign up for a food tour?

Anyone can sign up for a tour. Single, couples, groups. The minimum number of people needed to run a tour is 8 people, maxing out at 20 guests per tour.


How much food can we expect? What about alcohol pairings?

We recommend having a light breakfast! By the time we’ve tasted our way through 4 locations, there will no need for dinner afterwards.

There are generally 3 drink pairings on every tour and will usually be a mix of select wines, cocktails or beers.


What if I don’t drink?

Alcohol can be substituted for non-alcoholic beverages.


How much walking is involved?

No more than a 10-12 minute walk in between each stop—less than one mile. Each tour may vary slightly, however, each tour is done at a leisurely pace. No trekking, just casual strolls around town. With all the eating you’ll be doing, you’ll be glad we’re working it off!


Do we tip at every restaurant?

Nope! Payment and tips to each restaurant is taken care of by us. Much like the rest of the hospitality industry, if you feel like your tour guide did a great job, the standard in the industry is 15-20%. Tips are not required, but they are very much appreciated.